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Is Going To College Worth it?

Honestly, I never really asked myself that question until I got into college and learned all about the harsh reality of job hunting after graduation.  Getting a higher education just seemed to be the right path to a comfortable life and a fulfilling career.  So I just went.

 I'm lucky enough to live in a province where college education is highly financed by the government, which means I didn't have to invest a lot of money in my education (around $2300/year).  Also, no matter what school or program I chose, the yearly tuition fees were the same.  Now that I'm officially a teacher, I have to go through substitute teaching for a few years before I get my own classroom.  Luckily, subs get paid around $200 for a full day.  It may seem high but remember that it's really rare for a teacher to sub five full days a week.  Also, we don't get to work in the summertime, obviously. So by the end of the year, we make a decent income but nothing to really be jealous of.

Then, I wondered what my situation would be like if I lived in the U.S.  Let's pretend I'm Texan for a few minutes.  Studying at the University of Texas would have cost me a total of $19 356 instead of  $9200.  How much would I make per day of subbing?  A big fat $90.  Yup. If I was lucky enough to work 4 days/week for 36 weeks/year, I would make an annual income of $12 960.  That's not enough, especially when you just paid close to $20  000 to be certified to do this job!  I used to earn more with the job I had as a student!

So, is college a good investment?  In my case, I think it was.  As far as my Texan self goes, I'm not quite sure.

I would like to add that the worth of your education doesn't only depend on how much you make after you graduate.  Improving you knowledge and skills is highly valuable, just as getting to work in a field that you love is.  

Bottom line: If you're planning to go to college because you want a big paycheck, think twice and do your research before you pick your major,  However, if you planning on going for the learning experience, also do your research to make sure you can afford it.  If you can, go for it my friend.  I loved the five years I spent in college  and that experience was definitely worth every penny!

I would love to hear you opinion about this, especially if you're American!

I Have A Little Confession To Make

Guess what, I don't like sitting down to write a blog post anymore.  But I still crave writing.

Here's the thing: I like to read the kind of blog I write but I don't like to write it.

I have enjoyed writing every single post I have made on here but there was no passion there.  I love the blogging community I'm in.  I love to grab a cup of coffee in the morning and read what my favorite bloggers are up too.  I love interacting with them and I don't want to lose the connections I have made.

What does a girl do then?  Well, girlfriend is just going to write with her heart and soul.

What can you expect to see on here?  My opinions on different subjects, mainly.

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I love to debate.  I truly care about what's up in the world and I enjoy talking about it.

So that's what I will do.   Pick a topic and chit chat about it.

I did think about changing my very girly theme because it doesn't really work with the new orientation I'm taking.  I decided I'm not going to because I love it.  Girly girls can have opinions, okay.

Will people still read my blog?  Honestly, I don't really care.

If you stick around, thank you. If you don't, thank you for the time you spent on here.

Becoming A Young Home Owner: The First Steps

Owning my home has been the dream of mine for the past few years,  Even before I met my fiancé, I new I wanted to buy a condo, a small house or whatever I would be able to afford around the age of 25.  I now get to share this dream with him and we have been planning this big project or a while now.  

Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase we will ever make and that's why it's important to start preparing for it a few years in advance.  Our goal is to take that step next year so I will be sharing what we have done until now: 

Save for a down  payment as early as possible
Because I have had the plan to own a house by the age of 25 for years, I started saving for a down payment when I was still a teenager.  It may seem kind of crazy but I'm so glad I did.  I have always been really cautious about what I spend my money on and that's what's has help me to grow my savings.  The problem if you start saving only when you decide to buy a house in the next few months is that you will have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to do so and you might not be able to save enough on time.  Save yourself some stress and don't make that mistake people!

Make up your mind on what kind of house you would like
Every month or so, we will have a little house shopping session online to see what it available in our area.  It's always a conversation starter for us: we will start talking about what we like and don't like, what is the most important to us in a house, what type of neighborhood we would like to live in and so on.  Once we become serious house shopper, we won't be wasting our time touring houses that don't meet our priority list.  Looking up houses online have also helped us figure out the market: we now know how fast house usually sell and how much the owners get for them.

Talk to new home owners
 Because the home buying process is fresh in their minds, they usually have tips and tricks to make it smoother.  Some of them will tell you they made mistakes and that they would do this or that differently.  Listen and take notes, it might help you in the future.  For example, I have learned that it's worth waiting a year or two if you can't find a house that meet your expectations.  I know people that made the mistake to move into a house they didn't really like because they didn't want to wait and save for another year.  They ended up having regrets about it...

Make a budget
Will you be able to live comfortably while making your mortgage payments?  The only way to know  is to make a budget.   You need to know how much you spend and how much you earn every month.  Then add the cost of home ownership to the equation and see if it still works.  If it does, great! If not, you may want to consider buying a smaller house than what you originally wanted or wait a few years until you have a higher income.  Why should I be thinking about that so early on?  Because you want to have realistic expectations of what you can afford and when you will be able to afford it!

If you own a house, please share your tips!
If you don't, have you started to prepare for home ownership?

My Skincare Routine

I believe in simplicity when it comes to skincare.  You can call me lazy but I don't like to use a lot of products.  My skin is not "perfect": I pretty much always have a zit on my face.  It's not a big deal to me.  That's what concealer is for, isn't it?  My goal is to keep my face clean and moisturized, not to completely take control of my skin.  That's what I used to do and my skin reacted to the harsh products I was using by drying up and growing more pimple.  Since then, I have kept it simple and it works for me!  

Here's what I use: 

Face wash and toner
Face DUO Facial cleanser and makeup remover •  Avocado Chamomile + Face Toner
I wash  my face morning and night with this cleansing lotion by Druide.  I massage it on my dry skin for 30 seconds than rinse it off.  Because it's made mainly from natural and organic ingredients, this cleanser is really gentle but it still gets my makeup off.

Than I tone with this face toner by Druide.  This is not one of those toner that will make you skin feel dry and tight.  It's refreshing but is moisturizing enough to skip moisturizer on hot summer days.  Just like the cleanser, this toner has natural ingredients you will feel good about!

Nighttime moisturizer
I have tried a lot of different ones in the last few years but nothing compares to argan oil. I have combination skin which makes it tricky to find a product that moisturizes enough without causing breakouts.  You only need a few drops at the time: a got a 1 fl. oz bottle six months ago and I still have a little bit left!  If you do want to try argan oil, make sure the one you buy is 100% pure.

Daytime moisturizer
I have used this moisturizer for years and plan to do so for years to come.  The Cetaphil Daily facial moisturizer is light and fragrance-free which I love.  I also like that it has FPS 15 so my skin gets a bit of protection from the sun every day.  

Spot treatment
If I have a pimple of feel one coming, I use tea tree oil by The Body Shop.  This natural spot treatment will help you pimple dry up faster just like salicylic acid would.  I LOVE the smell so I don't mind using it.  I will be honest and tell you that it's not a miracle worker but it does help.

That's all I use!  While those products are not the cheapest, they're not very expensive for what they are.  Have you tried any of them?