Being Wealthy: A different definition

What does being wealthy mean? What do you need to have to be considered wealthy? If I asked you these two questions, I’m pretty sure you would all come up with different answers. However, you would probably all agree on this: wealthy people have more of everything and we envy them sometimes.

There’s a family in your neighbourhood that’s living a luxurious lifestyle: big house, designer clothes and sport cars are all you see. They must be wealthy, you think. Well, how can you know that? Have you looked at their bank accounts? What you don’t know is that this family struggles to pay its mortgage and credit card bills.

The truth is that we can’t see if someone really is wealthy or not.

Someone that owns a small condo and has 20 000$ saved up is wealthier than that first family we talked about. While they seem to own a lot, they don’t. An object is not yours until you have paid for it. 

Which one of these two situations would you like to be in? I bet you would prefer to live in a condo that is completely yours and have savings on top of that. The moral of the story is that you can’t compare your financial situation to others’ just from what you see.

Focusing on your bank account is what will make you wealthier.


  1. Agreed! Living well beyond your means is flashy but not wealthy.

    xx Amanda |

  2. That's so true. I want to live comfortably and most of all-- I want to live a happy life!