Shop Smart With That reward Program

A few months ago, my grocery store started this reward program.  Basically, you get points when buying certain articles and for every dollar that you spend.

Let's start by saying that these programs are part of a marketing plan.  While you think you are saving money with your points card, their goal is actually to make money from you.

I'm not saying to throw your precious card away but you certainly have to be smart with it.

Here are my tricks:

 Buy what you need: Part of the plan is to make you buy products you would not even normally look at.  By offering you extra points, they hope you try a new product and that you get hooked on it.  So, when buying a new product, make sure you will want to eat it.

Go for the cheapest:  Okay, it's time to pick up peanut butter and you have a dozen of brands to choose from.  Of course, you can get extra points if you select a specific brand.  Fox example, if the jar is 5$ and makes you earn 1000 points (let's say 1000 points = 1$), than the jar really is 4 $.  From there, it's up to you to buy the cheapest.

You can still go to other grocery stores:  The main goal behind a reward program is to build a bank of loyal customer that will come back week after week. If you usually go to two or three grocery stores to take advantage of the different deals that they have, keep doing that.  It will probably make you save more money than what you would have saved with the reward program.

Bonus offers:  My reward program as a website I can log in every week to load bonus offers on my card.  I get a lot of extra points for about two minutes of my time.  Make sure you take advantage of everything you reward program has to offer.

Shop smart:  A few week ago, I had a lot of bonus offers on products I buy regularly.  I would not have purchased all of them that week but I decided to do so because I would get a ton of points.  That was a smart move because they were all products I would have bought during the next few weeks.   That was an expensive trip but I spent a lot less in groceries the following weeks.  Verdict: I go the equivalent of 10$ off a 46$ bill.  Not bad.

Don't get me wrong, reward program are fun but they are not there to make you save money, they exist so the stores will make more money.

  Be smart!


  1. Always use your brain when shopping? Awww, that takes the fun out of it! LOL. You're right, wise woman. There's a plan behind those offers. They're also taking your buying habits and selling that data.

    1. That's a point I forgot to mention! It's true that we give the stores a lot of power by letting them know what we buy, how often we go the store, etc.

  2. This is such a great post! I think people are too easy to swoon over reward programs and go crazy with spending. It's so important to remember that if you aren't smart about them, you won't benefit in the end. Thanks so much for covering a topic that is not too often covered and for sharing your tips!

    1. I'm glad you found this helpful! Thanks for reading!

  3. These are such great tips! I am a bit too guilty of going crazy with reward programs, and this will help me save somewhat.
    natalie @