10 Things I Wish Bloggers Didn't Do

I don't think this post needs an introduction so here we go:

1. Where have I been? 

 We are no Lauren Conrad and blogging is not a full-time job for us, normal peeps. You didn't post for a week? Well, it really isn't a big deal and we don't need a post telling us how busy you were with homework. 

2. Inconsistent

I don't care if a blogger is consistent or not. However, if you tell me that you will be posting 3 times a week, I will expect those 3 posts to pop on my bloglovin' feed. If you can't commit to a posting schedule, then don't claim to have one.

3. Filler posts

 I'm expecting to be entertained or informed when I read a post. Please, don't post a random picture of you and your boyfriend wishing your readers a great week. If you don't have time to write a legit post, again, don't. 

4. Links, links, everywhere

I get it, that's where the money is at. Affiliated links don't bother me as long as they are used in moderation. If I was not making money out of this link, would I still  post it? If the answer is no, it means that it's not useful to your readers. Just keep in mind that when a post is loaded with links and has very few actual content, I click out and I'm sure I'm not alone. 

5. Boy overload

If you are a lifestyle blogger and have a significant other in your life, every post doesn't have to be about how great he is. It just annoys me. 

6. Repost

I started following and unfollowed some bloggers on Twitter on the same day. If I see 40 re-tweets from you today, I'm going to unfollow you because I know that you don't genuinely think that I should click the link you posted: you just want the blogger you helped out to return the favor. The more you post, the less I click.  Remember that. 

7. Sponsored posts

I never read straight-up sponsored post just like I don't read the adds in a magazine. If you are sponsored by a deodorant company (who knows!), write a post about your after-gym routine, your favorite products of the months or anything that will include the product without being pure advertisement. Please, be creative. 

8.  Never ending outfit posts

I enjoy browsing fashion blogs for inspiration. What I do not enjoy is a post with 10 pictures of the same outfit, even if you have great posing skills.

9. Blogger doubts

After a while in the blogging world, you can feel like you're not taking the direction that you're supposed to take. You step back, think about it, decide to make a change, tell your readers about it, make the change and that's it. I'm fine with this whole process as long as you don't go through it every 2 months. If it happens to you often, you don't need to tell me about it every time.

10. No pictures

A blog post just look better with a picture, please add one.

What are you blogging pet peeves?


  1. I definitely agree with number 10! When I am writing blog posts I always have to find SOME WAY to throw in a picture ;)

  2. I am new to blogging so these are very helpful for me. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Your blog is actually very good! I can see that you work hard on it! Keep it up :)

  3. TOTALLY agree with the picture thing- I always have to have some kind of pic in my posts, just I I enjoy looking at pics on other blogger's posts!

    1. Sometimes I have to think HARD about what kind of picture would suit my post!

  4. I totally agree with the pictures! I, myself, was a culprit of no pictures when I first starting blogging, but now I can't stand any post without them! Even if it's a stock image, the pictures help me feel more engaged!

  5. I totally agree! I used to skimp out on the pictures but I'm really making an effort with them. I was also fairly inconsistent in the past, but over the couple of years I've been doing it I've developed some systems and have really just come to enjoy it more so that's not an issue anymore :)

    I don't know if I would call this a pet peeve, but more of a blogging confusion...I feel bad for saying this, but I don't understand blogs that are pretty much online journals that have a super high readership with lots of engagement. I get it if there's some humour attached, or an inspiring journey us readers can follow along with, but when it's like "hey, today I went to the gym and did some laundry and played with my kid" and "this weekend I'm going to cook dinner for my family" that doesn't really jive with me...

    1. I feel you on that one! I do follow some blogs of that nature but that's only when the blogger has a fun/funny personnality that shines through!

  6. I agree with ALL of these! This should be in every new bloggers inbox and they should have to sign a copy before proceeding with starting their blog, lol. Of this list...#10 is my biggest pet peeve and will have me clicking 'close' before I even read a word. Usually, if there are no pics, they also have huge blocks of text...I don't have time for that! lol Another fun post! :-)

    1. Thank you :) I put the picture thing last but I guess that's what annoys peope the most from what I can read in the comments! It's unfortunate that some really good writers will lose potential reader just because they don't take the time to add one!