A Guide To The Perfectly Cheap Engagement Ring

First and foremost, the real value of an engagement ring is the relationship it represents. However, browsing Pinterest and Instagram will make spending 8000$ on a ring normal and acceptable. While it is for some people, it's not realistic for others. Some couples deliberately choose to not spend a big amount on a ring because they have other priorities.  That was my case.  No matter what group you fall in, I encourage you to keep reading to know what your options are for your small budget and, by small, I mean between 100$ and 400$ for the wedding set.

The "real" thing
 If you can't see yourself with something different than a diamond set on gold, know that it's possible to get just that with a small budget (even as tight as 150$). Yes, the ring will be small but it will be just as beautiful and durable as a bigger ring would have been. Also, smaller rings will often be enhanced to make the diamond look bigger and shinier. For instance, mine is yellow gold with white gold details around the diamond which makes it looks more luxurious than it actually is.

The "fake" thing
Let me start by saying that there's nothing wrong with fake diamonds in my opinion. They are cheap, conflict-free and look beautiful. They allowed you to "get the look" without breaking the bank. Now, do you tell people that you diamond is not real? That's a personal decision. You can always explain why you didn't go with a real diamond and, in my opinion, that makes you look smarter than the one who went into debts for a ring. There are two types of fake diamonds. The first one is cubic zirconia, commonly called CZ.  They look really similar to diamonds in the way they catch the ligt but they do scratch easily.  The second "cheap" option is synthetics diamonds which are gown in labs as opposed to real diamonds which are found in nature.  The come in a wide range of quality which mean there's one for every budget.  Again, if you go on the cheaper side, a synthetic diamond will be more expensive than a CZ but it will be more durable.

Different gemstones
Diamonds engagement rings are what's expected for engagement rings, we all know that. If you want to "get the look" but can't stand the idea of having a fake diamond on your finger, I would consider looking into different gemstones. Aquamarine, emerald, sapphire and pearls are a few options. However, most gemstones are not as resistant and durable as diamonds. This means that your gemstone may get damaged with time but the good news is that it can be replaced at a pretty low cost. This is the way to get a real stone without splurging on a diamond and to get a ring that is unique.
No gemstones
You will wear you engagement ring for the rest of your life so you want it to be comfortable, especially if you do a lot of manual work. What's the point of having a bulky ring if you can't even wear it at work? Some bands have great designs that sometimes involve mixed metals. I have seen these rings as engagement rings and, trust me, they stand out just as a diamond ring would.
Skip the wedding band
The ring budget includes the engagement ring and the wedding band but you don't necessarily need both. You can either use the engagement ring at the ceremony or wait until the D-day to wear your ring. Having one bigger ring is better than having two small rings for a number of women.

Browse online
I find that most jewelry stores don't have a lot of selection when it comes to rings with different gemstones than diamonds. My answer: Internet is your friend and by Internet I mean Etsy. You can find a HUGE variety of rings that will literally fit EVERY budget. You can also find a lot of vintage rings on there. I love that a lot of shops offer man made rings that can be personalized!  I personally purchased a ring from a shop called Moonkist Designs to wear on my wedding day and they HAVE amazing wedding sets for really affordable price,  Check them out!

Those are my "big diamond ring" alternatives. You may look at other girls rings and feel a bit envious but remember that someone somewhere has a bigger ring than hers.  And that doesn't matter at all because I'm sure every woman would choose a happy marriage over a huge rock.  No matter what you end up wearing on your finger, don't keep yourself from smiling when you look at that beautiful ring of yours.


  1. I love non-traditional wedding rings. Mine has diamonds, but is definitely non-traditional. There is no center diamond. It's an 'infinity' ring with a women pattern and I completely love it!

  2. I really like non-traditional rings. I actually never got a wedding band. We went to Claire's the day before our wedding to buy a fake one for the ceremony LOL. It was beautiful and only $7.

    1. That's funny! And you sure saved some money ;)

  3. It is funny that I am reading this post...I have a beautiful wedding set that was over $3,000 and that was 17 years ago. I have lost a lot of weight and it is too big and needs to be refitted...honestly I am kind of sick of it and would like something in a different style. I have been thinking about getting a synthetic diamond. I don't care if it is real or not...it will look great! It seems crazy to spend a ton more money...and I can't sell my current set for anywhere close to what we paid for it! Thanks for the tips!

    1. That's a good idea! And if you end up losing it or not liking it anymore, you won't feel too bad!

  4. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing this :) Hope you have a great weekend!