Relax, Grad a Coffee and BUDGET

When I first moved out of my parents' house, I was shocked to see how much money was going out of my bank account. I had been working for a while without having to provide for myself so I was used to seeing my account grow from paycheck to paycheck. Making the decision to move was essentially based on my financial situation. I calculated EVERYTHING and eventually came to the conclusion that I could afford to rent an apartment with my friend.

So I moved and got another job in order to have a more stable income. Even though I was all set, I was not comfortable with what I had to spend simply to meet my basic needs just because I was not used to it. Spending hundreds of dollars every month was new to me! My reaction was to stop spending for extras like restaurants, shopping trips, etc. The problem is that I was feeling stressed out and guilty every time I would go out with my friends. I remember talking about that with my dad and he suggested that I start budgeting.

I was not budgeting at this time because I was still getting used to my new lifestyle and I could not yet figure out what I had to spend every week. After a month or so of living on my own, I sat down to make a budget. I wrote down how much I had to spend every week in different categories I made up like groceries, Internet, television and so on. From there, I calculated my weekly income and decided how much I wanted to save every week, The money that was left was my "play money" that I could use for everything fun. The cool part is that I ended up having more than what I originally expected!

A lot of people will say that budgeting is stressful because it forces you to face your financial situation. For me, it was the exact opposite because I'm more of a frugal person I guess. Keeping track of every penny that I spent (I'm intense like that) made me feel in control of my money and I could now go out knowing that I could afford it.

My lifestyle has been the same for a few years so I don't track of my money like I used to. I don't go out as much these days (you know, becoming a real adult and stuff) and I know that my finances are on track. I think I will start again when we move to a different city in May because we will be in "let's save up for a house" mode! 

If you make a budget, I would like to know how you organize it!


  1. My husband handles the budget. LOL! I don't even know his method, but it works!

  2. Such a great idea. I'm unfortunately one of those people that gets stressed out making a budget :( I need to do better though.