Save Money This Semester

Going to college is expensive and there's not much we can do about it.  However, you can change some habits you may have to save a little extra money.  Today, I'm sharing with you my tips to cut your spending this semester. 

 You probably have notebooks you barely used and binder that are still in good condition. Even if buying new school supplies is fun, it's not necessary and reusing what you have is an easy way to save money. Because I rarely buy new school supplies, all of mine look pretty worn out but that's not important to me because I know I can use the money I saved toward something else! 

 Pack snacks
We all get hungry in class or feel like snacking (because food is delicious) but that's another story. It's almost too easy to buy a granola bar at a vending machine: if you do that a couple times a week, it will add up. Make sure to always have apples or nuts in your bag to keep you from buying food on campus. 

 Warm drinks
Going back to school means fuelling your warm drink addiction. Grabbing coffee, hot chocolate or tea on your way to school makes winter days feel cozier but it gets expensive. If you spend 3$ a day for coffee, it will add up to about 200$ at the end of the semester. That's a lot considering you can easily make coffee at home and take it with you. You can also pack tea or hot chocolate mix in your bag and make it at school. It's usually pretty easy to find hot water on campus!  

Going out
 When school starts again, my social life usually get more interesting. From drinks with friends after school to grabbing lunch between two classes, there's always something up on school days. I'm not telling you to skip these opportunities to go out because they are an important part of your college experience. You can however make sure to not break the bank by choosing the cheapest option on the menu or by stopping to drink after one beer. That's personalty what I do to not miss out on any social activities.

Most the time, I'm pretty good at following my own tips and I have to say that after 5 years in university, it really did pay off.  A dollar here and there may seem like nothing but it adds up!

Do you have other tips to share?  If you do, please comment below!


  1. What fantastic tips ^^ !!! I already did the hot drink thing by taking hot water and teabags. And I pack my own lunches. But I didn't think about taking nuts to school. I take fruit (sometimes) and yogurt. But that doesn't keep cool all day. My second semester starts tomorrow and I'll try all of these tips :)

  2. I hope they help you! Thanks for reading!