Wanting vs Needing

Those are two words that we tend to get confused in my opinion.

"I need a new pair of shoes."

This is the kind of sentence we all say and hear without thinking too much of it.  That girl who need a new pair of shoes will go get herself one and...that's it.  We go grocery shopping when we need it and we go buy new shoes when we need it.   

"I want a new pair of shoes."

Here, it's a totally different story.  If the girl who said that goes out and buy that pair of shoes, we will all say that she wasted money because she didn't need them. Wanting something doesn't justify a purchase (most of the time at least).

The truth is that some people are just fine with three pairs of shoes in their closet while other will still be buying new pairs even if they already own ten of them.  

Where am I going with this?
1.  Apparently, I'm obsessed with shoes.
2.  We tend to stretch the meaning of to word "need" too much.

We probably do that to feel less guilty about everything we buy.  The truth is that if you really need something, not having it will make it hard to "survive".  I say "survive" because I think we need more to live well in today's world than what would be required to just survived. So yes, you need a phone but you don't need the last IPhone. You need a car but not a SUV.  You get me?

Let's be honest about why we buy things.  We buy them because we want them.  That's it.
I swear this will change the way you see your spending habits and I bet you will save from it too!   


  1. haha, I definitely feel guilty about everything I buy! I've been a super penny-pincher for the last several years, so I definitely go with the "do you really actually need this, or do you just want it?"

    Sometimes, if it's a want that I've had for ages upon ages and it happens to go on sale, I'll get it! :O

    1. I wait for sales too! If not, I will be mad at myself to see that the item I paid full price for went on sale later!

  2. Excellent points! I love this sentence -> "We probably do that to feel less guilty about everything we buy." So very true and I never thought about it that way. I've been trying to be better the past few months about telling myself I don't *need* something and it's definitely helping me spend less! Excellent post!