Get To Know Me: The Basics (And The Not So Basics)

I have realized that I haven't told you much about me since I started Emilie Talk$.  I love to get to know the writer behind my favorite blogs so I figured it was unfair to not share a little bit more about myself.


Teacher (I will be graduating in April but I'm officially starting my first teaching job TODAY)

Mastering in learning technology


Relationship status
Bonus:  I have never updated my relationship status on Facebook.  If you don't know if I'm in a relationship or not, we should not be friends on there.

Favorite food
I can't make a decision.  I like sushi, Indian food, fine cheese, chips and fresh fruits. I guess we could just say that I like to eat.

Favorite drink
Coffee, in any shape or form.

Favorite sport
I don't really like team sports as I'm not competitive.  I like running so that would be the answer.  If we're talking about watching sport on TV, then I have to go with football but, let's be real, the only game I watch is the Super Bowl.

Now that you know the most important facts about myself, I want to get to know you!  Come on, tell me something ramdom!


  1. When I'm cleaning I load my Beyonce playlist and have a one woman party :-) Trust me, it relieves a lot of stress! Congrats on your teaching job.

  2. Oh yes! I do that to and crazy dancing happens!

  3. Thanks to let us know you a little better :)

  4. I'm a huge video game nerd. =) I used to have 6+ hour gaming sessions. If only I had that much free time now, lol.

    1. Oh my gosh! My eyes would hurt after that long! What games do you play?