What You Don't Need To Buy To Start Running

Summer is fast approaching which means that are social media feeds are full of #bodygoals and bikini pictures. Running is also somewhat trendy and you may be considering becoming a runner yourself.

I started running three years ago because I was looking for an easy way to exercise for cheap which is exactly what running has to offer. Almost everybody can run and you don't need much to do so.  However, Pinterest and Instagram is trying to get you thinking that you need fancy equipment to dress your runner body and to track your athletic skills.

I'm here to convince you that you don't so here's a list of things you don't need to start running:

A miles-heart-rate-and-other-stuff-tracking-watch-thing
I couldn't tell you how many miles I run because I don't care.  I always forget to check what time it is when I leave for a run so can't really tell for how long I ran when I come back,  I run to be in better shape and that's something I can feel without any electronic device.  The more I run, the easier it gets and that's all I need to know.  If you're like me, spending over $50 for a fitbit is not necessary.

lululemon everything
I understand it's tempting to go out to buy that perfectly fashionable runner outfit.  I personally don't feel the need to spend a lot on clothes I will sweat in.  Walmart is where I get my workout clothes from.   Everything is under $20 and is good quality!  I have washed the clothes I got 3 years ago numerous times and they're still going strong.  Just in case you were not convinced that it's possible to find workout clothes for cheap, here are a few items I found online:

Fancy running shoes
If you're going to run a lot, running shoes are the one thing you will want to invest in. Running in the wrong shoes can hurt your feet and you articulations in the long run (or on a long run, see what I did there?)  I would recommend you start running with the shoes you already have to see if you like it and will keep doing it.  It should not be a problem unless you already have issues with you feet or legs.  Once you have made the decision to buy running shoes, choose comfort over how they look.  My running shoes are not pretty, let's just say it, but they are comfortable and I got them for a good price. 

Nutrition is associated with an active lifestyle and I totally get that.  You want to fuel your body to make sure that it can keep up!  However, I don't believe that you need to incorporate protein powder or protein anything in your diet if you start running.  Unless you're putting yourself through an intense training to get ready for a marathon, you should not need to purchase any of these products.  I try to have a healthy and balanced diet (most of the time) and I have seen my running performances improve. Don't waste money on protein bars and snack of fruit and nuts instead! 

Please remember that I'm not a professional and that the tips I shared may not apply to you!

If you're a runner, what is one tip you would share with someone that would be interested in starting?
If you're not, have you ever considered it? 


  1. I did run last summer with my friend, but with the winter we just stopped. I might start again, need some inspiration.

  2. You should start again! I do stop running every wither because I don't do well on ice. I still workout but not as much as I run in the summer! Starting to run again the second summer was easier than the first time and it was even easier the third summer! You could be surprised at how good of a runner you are if you started again!

  3. Hi Emilie!

    Thanks for this post, I COULDN'T agree more! I am a seasoned runner who ENJOYS partaking in some of the extras you listed above, and that's only because I am a person who likes to experiment and try new things.

    When I try to convince my non-runner friends that you don't need much at all to start up, they look at me and go "but you have all those things!". So THANK you for this post, I will have to send it along!


  4. I've kind of been sucked into the mindset of "You NEED these things to workout/run or you're not doing it right!". I just started working out and thinking of the expensive clothes I'll "need", and I'm just like, I'm going to the thrift store to see what they have. =P

    1. Do that my friend! You won't regret it!

  5. This is perfect. I always want to sulk when I see a lululemon price tag because, gosh, their stuff is the cutest. But then I remember Forever21 is also mega cute and wayyyy cheaper!

  6. Totally inspiring. Now I have no excuses, but I did buy a Fitbit today!

    1. Then you really have no excuses ;)

    2. Then you really have no excuses ;)