My Money Pet-Peeves

This is my face when I hear people around me talking about money sometimes. Here are my money pet peeves:

"I'm poor."
Saying that you're poor is a bold statement, especially when you are wearing Micheal Kors boots and driving a brand new car. No, you're not poor. You spent all you money, that's different.

"I saved money by buying [a thing] on sale."
You went in that store with $20 in you pockets, bought that new eyeshadow palette for $10 instead of $15.  You spent $10, you didn't save $5.  My definition of saving money is different than yours, I guess.

"Life is so expensive."
Life doesn't cost a thing my dear.  They way you're living it makes it expensive.   

"I don't have the money for that, I will just use my credit card."
You just said it: you don't have the money for that.  Please understand that your credit card is not giving you extra money.

"I I had the money, I would [insert wild dream here]."
Well, you don't have the money.  Why don't you enjoy what you have now?

I was probably guilty of saying one of those at some point and know that I still love you even if you tell me that you're poor because life it's expensive.

Do you have any money pet peeves?


  1. Oh my goodness.. yes! I am naturally a saver not a spender, so I often don't "get" some people's spending habits.

  2. LOL, I just say I am broke. It covers all the truths. I found xyz on sale at WINCO and bought 6. That is usually my biggest problem but my freezer is full so we won't starve. :) Great points.

    1. I do the same for food because I know we will end up eating it!

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  4. Trying again... I can't brain today... My pet peeve is the "we could never live without cable service [insert other luxury item here]." Yes, yes you absolutely could. Also people who buy junk they don't need on a credit card. Nothing like buying a $20 shirt at Ross now that you'll pay $30 for next month!

    1. I agree and I even have an entire post dedicated only to the difference between wanting and needing! (

  5. I'm poor because life is expensive.

    hahaha, JUST KIDDING. I'm poor because out-of-state tuition at my medical school is disgustingly expensive, but I'm trying to remedy that by living as frugally as possible + borrowing as little as possible, because living on imaginary government money (aka student loans) with astronomical interest rates is not how I'd like to spend the rest of my life.