Networking In A New Workplace

Arrive early at work
Most bosses are early birds and like to be at work before their employees to get their day started.  They are usually really busy all day so it can be hard to get to talk to them unless you arrive before everyone else.  If you want to progress in that company, bosses have to know you on a more personal level and hanging out by the coffee machine is the perfect way to achieve it.

Have lunch there
Lunch time is a great opportunity to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level and for them to get to know you.  It's a lot easier to work with people you can laugh and joke with.  You could also catch a conversation about what happened in another department that the morning which is the best way to stay informed and learn more about your company.

Find a "buddy"
Chances are some of your colleagues will offer their help since you're not familiar with your new job yet.  Accept that help from someone you feel comfortable with.  You need something to be explained to you again and you're to embarrassed to ask anybody?  You forgot the name of one of you boss?  You don't understand why you were asked to do a certain task?  Just go to your "buddy"! 

Ask questions
You were just hired, you're not supposed to perfectly comfortable with your new job.  That's what your coworkers think.  Acting like you have been working for the company for years is not going to impress anyone.  Instead, show that your interested in learning more.  Reach out to people to ask them about their jobs and the company.

Go to after-work events
If you get invited, go.  Show them that you want to be a part of the team.  Take that time to have fun and grow your relationships.  Working your way up requires more than just going to work every day.

I have started working at new schools lately and I have been actively trying to get myself known by the staff.  It will pay off eventually and I would be nice to make some friends along the way too!

I would love if you could share your experience so we can all learn more on networking!


  1. I'm gonna have my first day at my new job next week. Hopefully I can go well along with them

  2. I just started a new job that actually involves me working with other adults (I was a nanny for the past 2 years so I spent all my time with a toddler haha) and I honestly have no idea how to network with them. These are good tips to know!

    1. That's a funny situation! I was kind of nervous when I started my old job with "adult" coworkers because I had mostly worked with other teenagers until then. You will get used to it ;)