Wedding Planning So Far

If you didn't know already, I'm getting married in August which is less than three months away!  We got engaged on September 28th of 2014 and started planning right away because we wanted to have our wedding the next summer.  I have never really told you about our wedding planning process so I figure I would share some of it with you today.

Here's what we did so far and what is still on or to-do's.


Wedding guest list draft
Before we picked a venue, we had to know how many people would attend our wedding.  We sat down and wrote our wedding guest list in about 15 minutes.  We kept adding names until we had to start thinking about who we should invite.  That gave us a rough number of guests to work with.

Wedding venue and date
We live in a small town and decided to get married here because it would be more convenient and also because his whole family and some of our friends lives here.  We found our venue through my fiancé's parents who attended a wedding there last summer. We check what dates were available and booked it.  That's how simple it was to pick our venue and date!

Reception hall
We can't have our reception at our wedding venue so we had had to find another location for the reception.  We chose a restaurant near by that recently built a new reception hall.  We knew that food and alcohol would be our biggest expenses so we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best price possible.  After some negociation, we booked it.


At first, I wanted to rent a sound system and use a playlist as our D.J. to save money.  My fiancé convinced me that we needed a D.J. and started to look for one.  He took care or that all by himself.


Final wedding guest list
We already had a good idea of who would be invited but we had to go through our list again to make sure that we included everybody! We skipped the "save the dates" and decided to create a Facebook group with most of our guest to let them know when the wedding was.  It's also a great platform for our them to communicate and organize transportation, hotel reservations, etc.

My dress
I have an entire post dedicated to my wedding dress here.  


His wedding band
He knew exactly what he wanted from the beginning so it was pretty easy!  He went for a wide plain gold band.


My wedding band
We bought my wedding set before we got engaged.  I started regretting my choice of wedding band this winter because after wearing my engagement rings for a few months, I realized that U can't stand wearing rings all the time.  I always take my rings off when I get home unless I'm wearing a simple band.  That's what I should have gotten from the beginning!  I went on Etsy and started looking for vintage gold bands and I scored one for $60 only!  It's in really good condition and I know I will never take it off after the wedding.

His suit
We found a nice charcoal suit at a great price and that was it.  We were not really picky!

What's coming

Hair & makeup
I know I want to do my own makeup but I need to figure out what products I'm going to use.  I will need waterproof mascara for sure!  I'm still undecided when it comes to my hair.  I will probably end up making a hair appointment soon to figure it out.

We're doing electronic invitations to save time and money.  I'm planning on designing them this week and to send them right after that!

We will need to visit florists pretty soon.

I need to get on that.  I would love to DIY everything!  

We have a D.J. but we have not picked our first dance song or any of that.

I have a feeling that all of those little details will be a lot more time consuming that expected.  I will keep you updated.

Any advice for the bride-to-be that I am?


  1. Well done! You've accomplished so much, and from the way you write about it, it seems like you've had a healthy perspective about it. I surprisingly agree with what you decided about the DJ -- I wanted to just use a playlist, but my husband convinced me that a DJ would cause me less stress and would be more fun, and it was! He really knew how to get our party going, and we needed the extra help because it was a Sunday night! My advice is that if you're going to DIY decorations, carve out a couple Saturdays or Sundays to have lots of friends come help you, and say "thanks" with some wine or food. And, keep it simple. It's not worth stressing over, and sometimes simple decorations are more beautiful (and easier to transport!). Best of luck to you!

    1. I'm sure I will be happy we hired a DJ the day's just SO EXPENSIVE! I don't want to go overboard with decorations but I will take your advice and make a DIY weekend event. I'm sure it's a lot more work than expected!

  2. Sounds like you are in great shape. Good job! The big day will be so much smoother and less stressful because you've taken care of so much!

    1. The last thing I want is to stress out about this stuff on my wedding day!

  3. So much done! I'm majorly impressed by how many money-saving elements you're using. I'm in the planning process currently and it can definitely be hard to cut costs creatively!

    1. Right?! I read your blog regularly and I love when you post about wedding planning!