I Have A Little Confession To Make

Guess what, I don't like sitting down to write a blog post anymore.  But I still crave writing.

Here's the thing: I like to read the kind of blog I write but I don't like to write it.

I have enjoyed writing every single post I have made on here but there was no passion there.  I love the blogging community I'm in.  I love to grab a cup of coffee in the morning and read what my favorite bloggers are up too.  I love interacting with them and I don't want to lose the connections I have made.

What does a girl do then?  Well, girlfriend is just going to write with her heart and soul.

What can you expect to see on here?  My opinions on different subjects, mainly.

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I love to debate.  I truly care about what's up in the world and I enjoy talking about it.

So that's what I will do.   Pick a topic and chit chat about it.

I did think about changing my very girly theme because it doesn't really work with the new orientation I'm taking.  I decided I'm not going to because I love it.  Girly girls can have opinions, okay.

Will people still read my blog?  Honestly, I don't really care.

If you stick around, thank you. If you don't, thank you for the time you spent on here.


  1. I would still read it. I think I find other's opinions interesting.

    1. Yay! Keep your eyes peeled for a new post tomorrow then !