My Skincare Routine

I believe in simplicity when it comes to skincare.  You can call me lazy but I don't like to use a lot of products.  My skin is not "perfect": I pretty much always have a zit on my face.  It's not a big deal to me.  That's what concealer is for, isn't it?  My goal is to keep my face clean and moisturized, not to completely take control of my skin.  That's what I used to do and my skin reacted to the harsh products I was using by drying up and growing more pimple.  Since then, I have kept it simple and it works for me!  

Here's what I use: 

Face wash and toner
Face DUO Facial cleanser and makeup remover •  Avocado Chamomile + Face Toner
I wash  my face morning and night with this cleansing lotion by Druide.  I massage it on my dry skin for 30 seconds than rinse it off.  Because it's made mainly from natural and organic ingredients, this cleanser is really gentle but it still gets my makeup off.

Than I tone with this face toner by Druide.  This is not one of those toner that will make you skin feel dry and tight.  It's refreshing but is moisturizing enough to skip moisturizer on hot summer days.  Just like the cleanser, this toner has natural ingredients you will feel good about!

Nighttime moisturizer
I have tried a lot of different ones in the last few years but nothing compares to argan oil. I have combination skin which makes it tricky to find a product that moisturizes enough without causing breakouts.  You only need a few drops at the time: a got a 1 fl. oz bottle six months ago and I still have a little bit left!  If you do want to try argan oil, make sure the one you buy is 100% pure.

Daytime moisturizer
I have used this moisturizer for years and plan to do so for years to come.  The Cetaphil Daily facial moisturizer is light and fragrance-free which I love.  I also like that it has FPS 15 so my skin gets a bit of protection from the sun every day.  

Spot treatment
If I have a pimple of feel one coming, I use tea tree oil by The Body Shop.  This natural spot treatment will help you pimple dry up faster just like salicylic acid would.  I LOVE the smell so I don't mind using it.  I will be honest and tell you that it's not a miracle worker but it does help.

That's all I use!  While those products are not the cheapest, they're not very expensive for what they are.  Have you tried any of them?


  1. Wow! Quite the ritual. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a very in depth routine! I need something like this.

    1. I love my skincare routine! It's a way to have a little time to myself :)

  3. I love Cetaphil. I haven't used any of the other products, but I'm always looking for more natural beauty/skin products. My eyes tend to be sensitive, so I like to go with fragrance free.

    1. Argan oil doesn't irritate my eyes at all! I recommend it!